First Grade Justin Bieber Rumors

My first grader told me,  "Mommy, I just want you to know Justin Bieber sucks but I like his songs."  Then her voice trailed off like Charlie Brown's teacher while I stood in shock thinking did she say "sucks?"  Did she just tell me a Justin Bieber rumor?  Did she say "Justin Bieber?"

Mommy:  "Did you say Justin Bieber sucks?"  
Daughter:  "Well, I really like his songs but he only thinks of himself."
M:  "Did you say he sucks?"
D:  "Mommy, Sally said he only thinks about himself."
M:  "Don't say sucks and Sally should call Justin and tell him about his problem not you."
D:  "Mommy, she doesn't know Justin Bieber."
M:   "Then how does she know he sucks?"
D:  "I don't know."
M:  "If she doesn't know him then why is she telling you this?"
D:  'No, you don't understand.  Sally said...."

Obviously, we had a lesson on believing everything you hear and talking about others etc.  Then I made a note to self.  Looks like I won't ever worry about light blue Justin Bieber satin jackets.  Justin Bieber is unpopular in first grade.  My daughter said "sucks."

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