Best Technology Gifts for Kids

Some of the best technology ever made. The old toy record player and TV.
I wish I had seen these when my kids were younger.  They would have loved these toys.

Best Cat Blogger. Ever.

I caught my cat blogging on my laptop.  We need cat bloggers because there are not enough cats on the Internet.  This will inspire a lot of lonely cat owners. Might scare a lot of online daters.

Welcome to Michele Lewis' Blogger Page

My friend persuaded me to migrate my Typepad site to WordPress. The move gave me great control over my site but it was a lot more work to maintain.  Maintaining a WordPress site and also writing proved to be somewhat of a challenge for me.

So here I am on Blogger.  I am not sure if I will import my old content to Blogger, as I do not care to review the HTML for hacks, redirects or any other time consuming loser fixing.  Which is why I came back to Blogger in the first place.  We'll see if I blog more.  Though I have no idea if I will be blogging much anywhere to be honest.