Bloggers are the Modern Day Pamphleteer

To blog or not to blog? A question I have pondered for six years. Yet, here I am blogging.   I usually write on my regular site because I put a lot of hours designing and managing the self-hosted WordPress website.  Blogging gives me blogger guilt. I feel guilty for writing on a blog rather writing a book.
However, I believe if Thomas Paine were alive he would have a blog because bloggers are the modern day pamphleteer.  But then again, since blogging allows you to write and market from home then I suppose Howard Hughes would have a blog too.

I miss my online community of friends. I miss my blog. I could easily write a meaningful post per day.  How I would love to write passionate and inspirational posts to make a heart sing. Yet, just when I find that spark, school is out and it's homework time. 

I will write tomorrow.

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