Breast Milk Ice Cream for Sale

That's right, breast milk ice cream.  While breastfeeding my children, I joked about selling breast milk cheese.  Disgusting but still funny.

Funny in London?  Not so much.   The Icecreamists parlor is selling breast milk ice cream called Baby Gaga.  They claim they're purchasing breast milk, at $24 an ounce, which is "pure, organic, free-range and totally natural."  They have 15 mothers who undergo the same health screenings used to screen blood.  Not sure if that screens for medications, non-organic chemicals, alcohol or anything else they ingest.

Although not my cup of ice cream, it's possible that the breast milk antibodies could outweigh negatives, however, I don't know this because I'm not a scientist, doctor or lawyer.  I do know breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, therefore, a modern day wet-nurses can earn income while working out.

Is this a sign of the times?  Read more on Breast Milk Ice Cream story.

First Grade Justin Bieber Rumors

My first grader told me,  "Mommy, I just want you to know Justin Bieber sucks but I like his songs."  Then her voice trailed off like Charlie Brown's teacher while I stood in shock thinking did she say "sucks?"  Did she just tell me a Justin Bieber rumor?  Did she say "Justin Bieber?"

Mommy:  "Did you say Justin Bieber sucks?"  
Daughter:  "Well, I really like his songs but he only thinks of himself."
M:  "Did you say he sucks?"
D:  "Mommy, Sally said he only thinks about himself."
M:  "Don't say sucks and Sally should call Justin and tell him about his problem not you."
D:  "Mommy, she doesn't know Justin Bieber."
M:   "Then how does she know he sucks?"
D:  "I don't know."
M:  "If she doesn't know him then why is she telling you this?"
D:  'No, you don't understand.  Sally said...."

Obviously, we had a lesson on believing everything you hear and talking about others etc.  Then I made a note to self.  Looks like I won't ever worry about light blue Justin Bieber satin jackets.  Justin Bieber is unpopular in first grade.  My daughter said "sucks."

My Kids are Afraid of Ghosts

My kids are afraid of ghosts. My son thinks white lights are spirits.  This morning he told me he saw a shaking white light. It was on the wall directly across from the window. Coincidentally, the light shook every time the air conditioner came on. Furthermore, the oblong shape was identical to the shape of the hole in the wooden blinds on his window.

Looks like I need to buy new flashlight batteries for the flashlight my daughter left outside his window.